Biogas in Action: Practical Experiences for Curious Students

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Discover how practical classes on biogas in elementary and high school stimulate multidisciplinary learning, connecting science, sustainability, and innovation. Explore engaging activities and promote practical experiences for curious students.

Biogas in Action: Practical Experiences for Curious Students
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Biogas in Schools

Biogas in Action: Practical Experiences for Curious Students

Importance of Practical Teaching on Biogas for Elementary and High School Students and Teachers


The learning process is a fascinating journey, full of discoveries and opportunities to explore new horizons. In the context of education, it is crucial to provide students with practical experiences that inspire them, challenge them, and encourage them to develop essential skills for the contemporary world. In this context, practical teaching on biogas emerges as a powerful tool to engage elementary and high school students and teachers in a journey of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary learning.

What is Biogas and Anaerobic Process: A Brief Introduction

Biogas is a renewable fuel obtained from anaerobic decomposition of organic waste, such as food scraps, animal manure, and agricultural residues. This process occurs in the absence of oxygen and is carried out by microorganisms that convert the waste into gases such as methane (CH 4) and carbon dioxide (CO2).

Importance of the Topic in the Classroom

Bringing the topic of biogas into the classroom is fundamental for several reasons. Firstly, it allows students to understand the natural cycle of organic waste and its transformation into a source of clean and renewable energy. Additionally, it opens space for discussions about sustainability, waste management, and environmental impact. Lastly, it enables the development of practical skills and encourages critical and creative thinking.

Practical Activities: A New Learning Perspective

Practical activities about biogas have the potential to transform students' perception of scientific processes. By assembling and operating small biodigesters in the classroom, students directly experience the biogas production process, observing gas formation and understanding the principles of anaerobic decomposition.

Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Approach

Teaching about the anaerobic process and biogas production can be integrated in a multidisciplinary manner, connecting to students' curricular framework across various areas of knowledge. In biology, students can study the microorganisms involved in the biodigestion process. In chemistry, they can investigate the chemical composition of the gases produced. In mathematics, they can perform energy efficiency calculations. In geography, they can explore environmental issues related to biogas in different regions of the world. Not to mention the opportunity to work on this theme in physics classes, programming, robotics classes, and maker activities. And so on, encompassing a range of disciplines and promoting a holistic view of the topic.

Encouragement of Curiosity and Innovation

Encouraging students' curiosity and providing them with opportunities to make new discoveries is essential for the development of creative and innovative solutions. The scientific method is a powerful tool that can guide students in this process, empowering them to seek answers to complex questions and develop new technologies that contribute to a more sustainable and resilient world.


In a world of constant transformation, it's essential to prepare students for the challenges of the future by providing them with the tools and knowledge necessary to become active and conscious citizens. Practical teaching about biogas offers a unique opportunity to engage students in a meaningful and inspiring learning journey, connecting them with urgent global issues and empowering them to be agents of change in their communities and beyond.

By encouraging students' curiosity, we provide opportunities for new discoveries and empower them to apply the scientific method in their search for innovative solutions, we are building a more sustainable and promising future for all.

Biogas & Education

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